Bridge of Crows
 is a new ensemble project existing at the
 intersection of ethnomusic influenced 
 Primitive Roots/Blues, and Contemporary 
 Electroacoustic Chamber Improvisation.
The project draws on players from the greater experimental music 
community in collaboration with core members: Kersti Abrams (alto saxophone, rhaita, maqrunah, flute), Mika Pontecorvo (flute, guitars, laptop electronics, percussion), Elijah Pontecorvo (electric basses, theremin), Mark Pino (drums, percussion) with longtime associates Greg Baker (Bb clarinet, laptop, percussion),Adriane Pontecorvo (cello), Mariko Miyakawa (cello, voice, electronics.)
Our past guest performers 
have included:
Bob Marsh/voice,cello, 
Gretchen Jude/koto, 
Crystal Pascucci/cello, 
Emily Hay/flute,voice,  
Shanna Sordahl/cello, 
Jim Ryan/saxophone,voice.
Jeff Klukowski/electronics.
In contrast to it's parent project, the collective improvisation group, 
Cartoon Justice, Bridge of Crows takes a more compositional approach to
improvised sound constructs while still embracing the generative
and chaos theoretic ethos of the parent ensemble. Influences driving
this work include the music of James Blood Ulmer, Don Van Vliet, Joesph
Spence, the compositional and theoretic approaches of Iannis Xenakis,
György Ligeti, Charles Ives, as well as, Mika Pontecorvo's earlier
algorithmic composition work while studying under Vladimir Ussachevsky
and Ercolino Ferretti.


San Francisco Examiner review of the Outsound New Music Summit performance:
A performance as weird as Sun Ra and His Arkestra
  --   Stephen Smoliar


09,10,15.jan.2016  - Hardly Strictly Personal 2016 Next Now's  festival/benefit 
                      celebrating projects which are Post-Beefheart - this year we'll 
                      look at the relationship between Ornette Coleman and Beefheart 
                      and their mutual influence on the No Wave music movement... 
                      @ Berkeley/SF/Oakland - TBD 
07.jan.2016 - KFJC Radio - live in studio improv performance 9pm
01.aug.2015 - Outsound New Music Summit festival 8pm
                     @ San Francisco Music Center, Capp St, Sf CA 
                     Bridge Of Crows plays liveimprov score to
                     Bedouin Poets of Mars : The Last Poet
                     w/guest Bob Marsh on voice and chairllo
23.jul.2015 - KFJC Radio - live in studio improv performance 9pm
                    w/guest Bob Marsh on voice and chairllo
04.jun.2015 - Outsound Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series, San Francisco, CA 8pm
                    'The Flying Pontecorvos' (adriane/cello,mika/guitar,eli/bass, 
                    w/Mark Pino/drums)
24.may.2015 - NextNow's ALL TOMORROWS' AFTER-PARTIES festival/benefit 8pm
                     next now @ berkeley arts 2133 university av, Berkeley Ca
                     Bridge Of Crows plays liveimprov score to The Watching
                     w/guest Bob Marsh on Cello